Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Refilling Your Markers

If you look after your tools, they will look after you - today we are looking at refilling our Copic Markers!  An easy way to check that your Copic Markers need refilling is when they squeak a lot when colouring or the nib starts going white when you colour and the colour on the page is patchy and uneven. There is a Various Ink refill for every colour in the Copic range (358) so you never need to buy the same colour marker again, simply refill using one of the three methods below. 

TIP - The Various Ink refills can refill your markers (without overfilling) - about 10-12 for Sketch, 15 for Ciao, 8 for Copic and 5-7 for Wide.

There are CC notches on the side of the Various Ink Refills - each mark is one CC.  To refill a Ciao add 1 to 1.5 cc's ink.... Sketch 2 cc's.....Copic 2-3 cc's......Wide 3-4 cc 

Copic Various Ink
Copic Marker
Copic Tweezers
Copic Booster Needle

Method 1 - Drib and Dab
Step 1 - Make sure the numbers on your Various Ink Refill and Marker match. 
Step 2 - Remove the lids of your marker, tip it on a slight angle and add a drop at a time from your refill.  Make sure the previous drop has absorbed into the marker before adding the next.

TIP - You remove both lids so you can see if the marker is overfilled as the excess ink will come out the other end.

Method 2 - Remove Nib and Fill
Step 1 - Remove the nib of you marker - always remove the chisel nib!  Take the Copic Tweezers by placing the teeth low down on the nib and carefully pull out.

TIP - you should never remove the Super Brush nib unless you are planning on replacing as it is more easily damaged.

Step 2 - Once the nib is removed, place the refill bottle directly into the marker and squeeze slightly.  The ink with drip out the end when filled completely.

Method 3 - Booster Needle
Step 1 - Screw the Booster Needle onto the Various Ink Refill.
Step 2 - Put Needle into the marker until you feel resistance. Squeeze to fill.

TIP - It is very important that you clean the Booster Needle after each use to remove any excess coloured ink.  Any remaining ink will contaminate the next marker you refill.  Place the Booster Needle in a container with some rubbing alcohol or Blender Solution to rinse or screw the needle onto a bottle of Colourless Blender and squeeze until the solution flows clear.

There is a PDF flyer available in the Copic Library that can be downloaded and printer for later reference.  You can find that file HERE.

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