Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Copic Mixed Media Journal Page

Today I will be using a few supplies from my X-Press It and Copic hoard to create a bright and happy journal page, using my 'word' for the new year!  

You will need:
  • Copic Markers: N9, N7, N5, N3, RV06, RV09, RV69 & Blender '0'
  • Copic Airbrush System
  • Copic Opaque White Paint
  • AtYou Spica Pens: Turquoise & Lavender
  • Molotow Paint Marker: Signal White EF, Shock Blue, Currant & Skin Pastel
  • X-Press It Mask It 
  • FabScraps Stencil - DS003
  • Bruynzeel Aquarel Pencils (watercolour pencils)
  • Assorted Stamps

Here's how I made it.

Gather a bold stencil, I used a pretty flower stencil from FabScraps, some favourite Copic Multi Liners for outlining and X-Press It Blending card or Blending Journal.  Using pale grey, print the word Bloom onto your page or card (for more lettering tips have a look here) using a printer.

Trace over the outline of the word with Black 0.5 Copic Multi Liner.

Place the stencil/mask at the top right corner of the page, using scrap paper to protect the rest of the area.  Use an airbrush to add RV06 all over the stencilled image.

 Swap to a darker colour, RV09 and add colour the the outside three rows of petals.

For the final colour select something even darker, I used RV69 and add colour to the outside row of petals only.

Repeat these steps, until the entire page is covered with stencilled flowers.

Use the Molotow white paint marker and Copic Opaque white to colour the printed word.
Outline letters using N9, N7, N5, N3, the greys will create a subtle outline.

At this stage you will have something a bit like this, you could leave it there,
but I had to add a little extra.

Using Memento Tuxedo Black stamp a few images onto the page (roughly mask the word with Mask It before stamping).  Use Bruynzeel Aquarel pencils to add a hint of green to the stamped leaves and black to create a shadow around the figure.  Blend with a waterbrush and let  dry.

 For a little extra pop use a Molotow paint markers to colour the skin, and also as a wash (mixed with water on a palette) to add a hint of colour to the wings.
For some sparkle add a touch of Spica - or a LOT.

Finish by adding a hint of white to the wings and leaves for contrast.

The end result looks like this - I love how the original stencil pattern recedes or pops forward depending on the placement against the stamp!

So grab those Copics and your favourite stamps and stencils and have a play!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2015 - Happy New Year!


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  1. Hi I am having such trouble with my sketch's lately. I have had ciaos for about 3 years and this never happened, I am slowly transitioning over to sketch .... But wondering now if I should as I have has so many pieces ruined by overflowing extra juicy sketch's my E44 and now my V22 I haven't over filled them because they are BRAND NEW!!! Getting really frustrated at the ruined work and the cost of the wasted ink......