Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Support Breast Cancer Awareness in October with Copic Oz

Did you know that one in eight women in Australia will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime?  I'm sure you know that early detection saves lives and that the earlier a cancer is discovered, the greater the chances of successful treatment.  To help raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Copic Marker Australia have decided to donate to the McGrath Foundation to help raise awareness and money, to support the fight against breast cancer.  YOU will all help to decide how much is donated by participating in the #COPIC4ACAUSE project.

While I may not be eligible to win a prize, I have decided to create a project in my Copic Art Journal aka Copic Blending Journal for #COPIC4ACAUSE. 

I have created a special pink doodled heart, using as many pink Copic markers as I could.  The outline for the project was done in Black Copic Multi Liners:  0.5, 0.3 and 1.0

The doodled image was coloured with RV02 and RV04

RV00, RV04 and RV09

RV55, RV66 and RV69

RV23 and RV25

Now because this is a piece of doodle art - it's not supposed to be fussy, or planned or time consuming, so the only blending I've done is on the very large swirls.  To colour these I've added RV09 to the ends.

Then RV69 to the base

I've added a little RV66 between the RV09 and RV69 - making sure to flick where the colours meet.

I've continued to use the flick blending method with these 3 colours until I had an image that was nice and smooth.

Add some RV09 and RV000

 Fill in any white areas in the design with RV10

Accent with N1, N3 and N5 for a little shading.

and you are finished.

Do you think it's pink enough?

I can't wait to see what projects you all create to support this amazing cause, don't forget to upload your creations to Instagram with the hashtag #COPIC4ACAUSE and tag @COPICMARKERAU.  I really hope you all get behind this amazing initiative, because every dollar counts in the fight against breast cancer.

Back with more soon,

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  1. Very Creative! It's beautiful and very PINK!

  2. I've entered and shared!!!!! I LOVE my copic markers LOVE LOVE LOVE CRAZY LOVE. And I love all my friends and family affected by breast cancer.
    I guess it was something that always happened to other people until my Mum was diagnosed two years ago. She was so very lucky, her cancer was detected in her very first routine mammogram, it was barely 2 mm's in length. she had a lumpectomy but lives daily with the fear it's going to come back.
    Since she was diagnosed we have discovered that her Aunt that passed on last year from an unrelated illness that she had breast cancer as a young woman too and we never knew.
    This has put it in perspective for all of us, and we now make sure we are checking for lumps and irregularities frequently <3
    Breast Cancer Awareness is important, it breaks taboos and helps people realise how many people develop it, to check your own breasts and to support those who are battling, the survivors and those who have been left behind.
    You are doing a fantastic thing Copic Australia! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, hope all remains clear for your mum.

  3. This is fantastic, just found your blog and being an Aussie love it.xxxxThe Journey is the Start