Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stendoodling with Copics

Today I'm back with another project using my much loved Copic products and some simple doodles.  Now this is a wonderful place to begin for anyone who is new to doodling or colouring with Copics, all you need are a few stencils, your favourite colours and a little time.  The reason that this is so great for beginners, is that this project uses a technique called Stendoodling.  What is Stendoodling?  Well to create a Stendoodle you use a stencil or mask to create a shape (eg: a feather), you then use another stencil to create sections within that shape (eg: sun rays) and finally, use smaller stencils (and a fine marker) to create patterns (doodles) within each section.

For this card you will need:

  • Copic Markers: RV11, RV17, RV25, V16, YG23, R17, YR15, YR16, Y11, Y15, B04, B16, BG13, BV08, E13, V05, N1 & N3
  • Copic Multi Liners: 0.05, 0.3 & 0.5
  • X-Press It: Blending Card and Double Sided Foam Tape
  • Hazel & Ruby - Fat Roll Washi Tape - Colorblock Quotes
  • Assorted stencils

Gather your favourite supplies, I've tried to choose colours from the same ring of the Copic color wheel - this way I know they will work well together.

Draw outline with Copic Multi Liner 0.5, add sections using stencil and Multi Liner 0.3 and finally add the fine detail inside each section using Multi Liner 0.05

Pick a section and colour using Copic markers in RV11 and V16, this wasn't dark enough so I went over the pale RV11 with RV17.

Pick another section and colour with YG23 and RV25 - these colours make eachother 'pop'.

Next add YR16 and B16

Next add a little mint with BG13 and E13

Time for some 'hot' colours with R17 and YR15

Next add BV08 and Y15.

Now a few more bright colours, BG13 and YG23 (you may notice I've used both of these before in other colour combinations).

Add in a little V05 and Y11 - colour carefully as too many slips will make the pattern muddy.

Add in YG23 and RV25.

Next add B04 and Y15 to your final section.

To lift the image from the card a little I have used N1 and N3 to outline one side of the image, this adds a little depth to the image, if you need a little help with this have a look at the Cast Shadow post.

Cover base card using strips cut from the Fat Roll Washi Tape - Colorblock Quotes, this gives a wonderful colourful background to coordinate with the brightly coloured feather.  I also mounted one of the quotes on scrap card and raised it off the background using foam tape.

Put it all together and the finished card looks like this, bright, happy and colourful.

So if you're looking for a simple project to brighten up your day why not give this a go!

Back with more soon,
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  1. Awesome tutorial and card! Thanks so much!

  2. Replies
    1. *I love this Tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I love that you showed the colors you used together to color it. I need that help as I am not good at color selection.

    2. Thanks Edie - get your hands on a Copic Color Wheel - it makes picking colours much easier!

  3. what a great tutorial! I have never heard of stendoodling so I really appreciate you sharing these beautiful photos and instructions!

    1. Thanks so much Susie - I love sharing new ideas :)

  4. Kaaaate! This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration! I really love the bold, colorful shapes and patterns. You always bring such great energy into your projects and tutorials. I've got to try X-Press It: Blending Card paper...never heard of it until now. Brilliant idea!

  5. This is so cool Kate!!! Love the bold colours against the white background!!