Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Colouring Metal

Hello Everyone and welcome to another Copic Oz Tutorial.  Today I'm showing you how I colour a metal bucket using the sweet tulip image from Flourishes' April Showers stamp set.

Colouring Metal is best achieved with the Cool Grey range of Copics because although they are grey, they also have a blue base giving it a cool, metallic feel.  To give the feeling of a rounded bucket, decide where your light source is and give your bucket a highlight (or two!) and shadowed sides.

Begin by laying down a base of C1.....

Flick in some C3 from each side, leaving a highlight area in the middle.

Flick in some C5, but not as far as the C3.

Blend with the next lightest colour, leaving the middle untouched.  To really deepen the shadows, add some C7 to the edges.

Continue to blend colours and darken edges with the above colours until you are happy with the finished look!

Finish colouring your image and make your card!!

Hope you've enjoyed today's tutorial and happy colouring!!
Kathy  :)Pin It


  1. Absolutely gorgeous card and your coloring is amazing, Kathy!!! Thanks so much for all of the tips! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

  2. I love it! And I love your tips! TY

  3. Just want to say how much I love this site, the tips and tutorials have been amazing and eye opening. Just wondering if you have done any posts on digi stamps with copics? Or if you have any advice/tips? I have very limited storage space and am reluctant to buy too many stamps and so I've been looking in to digi stamps and would really like some advice on things like papers, inks etc.