Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Airbrushing Flowers

Hello Everyone and welcome back to another CopicOz Tutorial!!  Today I'm going to show you how to create custom coloured flowers to match whatever papercraft project you are making!

How many times have you been creating a card or a scrapbook layout, only to discover that despite your vast amount of flower embellishments that you don't have just the right colour to match your project??  I know this has happened to me in the past - but no more!  Now I have a lot of white flowers, my airbrush system (ABS1N) and my Copic Markers.

Here I've gathered my airbrush system, a white flower and two colours of Copic Markers.  With colours, the best thing is to pick a light colour and a very dark colour - the don't have to be from the same colour family, that is just what I've chosen today.  Notice however, that they are both Sketch Markers - this is because only the Sketch Markers and Copic (Original - square shaped) Markers are designed to fit in the Air Grip for the airbrush system.

Next step is to take your lighter Copic Marker (I've used R83) and use the Medium Broad Chisel Nib (notice the nib is facing UP in the airgrip) and airbrush your flower.  By using the Medium Broad Chisel Nib, it will give you a nice, even coverage.

Of course if you just wanted a one tone coloured flower, you could stop there - but I want more colour!  Take your darker marker (I've used R89) and use the Super Brush Nib.  By lightly pressing the nozzle on the airgrip you will notice that by using the Super Brush Nib, you don't get that smooth, even coverage, but you get a splattering of spots!

Keep applying your splatter pattern until you are happy with the finished result!

When finished airbrushing as many flowers as you like, add it to your card or scrapbook page for perfectly matching embellishments!  :)

I hope you've enjoyed today's tutorial and if there is any Copic techinques that you'd like to see featured as a tutorial on the CopicOz Blog, leave us a comment!!  :)

Happy Colouring
Kathy  :)Pin It


  1. totally agree with airbrush flowers for embellishments is just awesome and time saver. Lovely card, kathy - love your work ... always!