Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adding Texture Using Blender Refill And Fabric

Hello Everyone!!!  Today we are going to look at how to create texture on your image using blender solution and different types of fabric.  We know that the blender solution moves colour out of the way, so when you add some Blender Various Ink (refill) to a piece of cloth, such as wool, denim, an old washer, hessian etc... and press the damp cloth to your coloured project, the image will take on the texture of whatever fabric you are using!  This is a wonderful way to give denim jeans, woolen top or even to give fur that textured look.
I grabbed a few cloths from around the house, the blue is an old knitted scarf I made years ago, the yellow is a chux, the top white is some Aida Cloth (the type used for Cross Stitch), next is an old face washer and finally some paper towel with a fun texture on it.

Next I coloured 5 rectangles in B26 and gathered my Blender Various Ink and the face washer.

Apply the blender solution directly from the bottle to the cloth.  You don't need to make it wet, just damp.

Then apply the damp cloth directly to the coloured part of your image - or in this case, my already dry B26 rectangle.

This is the result from the face washer!  Cool huh!?  :)  Of course I couldn't stop there, so below are the samples from my other fabrics!

This is from the paper towel - remember that swirl pattern, this is the result!  I didn't scrunch up the paper and try that, but you might want to have a go and see how that goes!!

I think this is my favourite - it's the Aida Cloth, how cool is this pattern!!!  I think it would be great for baskets or even walls!!!

This is from the scarf, but I think it was too wet and I would like to try a smaller knit.

This is from the chux, once again, probably a bit too wet but you get the idea!  Now I have all these samples, I'm going to put them into my sample book!

I've written underneath what fabric was used on each sample.

Next I stamped this fabulous Ipodabella from Stamping Bella and coloured her jeans with B32, B34 and B37.

A tip to keep in mind is that if you only want part of your image to have this texture look, to colour and apply the blender dampened rag before colouring the rest of your image.  The blender solution will have no effect on an uncoloured piece of blending card and once it's dried, you can colour the rest of your image as you normally would.

 So what fabric should you use for jeans??  Why denim of course!  This is from an old pair of jeans!!  :)  Apply the blender solution as shown above to the jeans of your image.

Here is the result from the denim dampened with blender.

Finally colour the rest of your image and now you have an image all ready for your next project!!

So what sorts of fabric do you think would make great textures??  Try this technique and add a comment below with a link to your blog so we can see all your wonderful creations!!!

I hope you've enjoyed today's tutorial!
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  1. Nice job with the tute Kathy, I like the denim for the denim, looks great!

  2. Now those jeans are cool. Love it. Wish I had kept the denim I cut off my jeans when I took them up. Wasn't thinking. Next time I will keep everything. LOL.

  3. Oh my! What a fun technique! I LOVE my blue jeans! Thanks so much for the awesome tutorial Kathy - I will have to give this one a try!

  4. sorry kath..i was sure i had left a comment here, but i seem to have left my mind instead of a comment! What a great tutorial! I love it! you have explained so clearly....and i love the photos! that tent does wonders!!!! m xxx

  5. That's awesome, I going to try this one out!