Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Colouring Embellishments with Copic Markers

Have you ever got to the end of a creation and found you don’t have the right coloured embellishments to match.Nothing you have in your stash seems to match the colour shade you need.

*If that has happened  to you, then you need look no further than your COPIC MARKERS.*

It’s really is amazing what you can colour with Copic Markers, Brads, Ribbon, Pearls, Rhinestones, Thread, Flowers, Plastic, and Lace ….. Just about anything!
 Because Copics are Alcohol based they are permanent on most surfaces therefore making them a wonderful tool to change the colour of anything you want.
Below is a few embellishments I have coloured to show you how easy it is to change the colour and to have the embellishments match my papers. I have included in the pictures the original colour of the embellishments and then the Copic Marker coloured one's.

Copic Colour Markers used were RV09,RV06,RV02 and were coloured using 2 different techniques, the Chisel end of my Copic Marker and the Copic ABS 1( airbrush system used with compressor) to show you how easy it is to create your own!
You will never need to buy coloured embellishments again as I prefer to buy plain embellishments and customize them to suit the project I'm working on at the time.

All of the Flowers below started from White and then where coloured using the Markers above.The  large white silk flower was airbrushed and the smaller flowers have been coloured with the chisel end of the Markers.The rhinestones in the centre were coloured to match my flowers also.

Colouring Metal gives you a Bright and Vibrant Embellishment,- a little trick to remember is when colouring metal always choose a Copic marker a few shades darker then the colour you want.
The embellishments below were coloured using my ABS 1 with Compressor and gave a perfect, flawless colour change.

Metal Buckle

Metal Ornate shape

 Metal Dragonfly

 White Satin Ribbon-
 Coloured with the Chisel end of my marker straight onto to the white ribbon. You can change the colour of any ribbon as seen below . I used the same RV09 Marker to colour each of them

Beaded Ribbon was coloured using my ABS 1 with Compressor. This gave a fabulous even colouring all over and the results were perfect.

 Here is the Final result- A card using all the embellishments that I coloured above plus a few extras as well, the butterfly and the clear plastic word sentiment.

Thanks for Stopping by and I hope the information above will inspire you to customize your own Embellishments,   

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  1. Great job Debra! Love those embellishments.. particularly that pink dragonfly!!

  2. Deb this is AWESOME!!!! Look at all those different embellies and the fabulous card you've created with them!!!! Fantastic girl!!!! :)

  3. Brilliant Deb! Well done! your card looks great and show off all the embellishments beautifully! Great job!