Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Colouring Light Skin

This week I would like to share with you my Colour Combinations for Colouring Light Skin.
Last week Mandi showed you how to colour Dark Skin and using the same principals of colouring, here are a few of my favourite skin tone shades.There is so many different colour combinations  that you can use , so it really comes down to a matter of choice and likes.
My tip for the week is to make yourself a Colour Swatch Book and add in all your favourite colour combinations, This will be a handy resource for you to refer back to.
So lets start colouring.......
                  Step 1. - Take your first lightest colour of the combination of colours you have chosen, in this case I'm using E00 and colour in the whole face area.
                Step 2. - Now taking your medium colour marker E02, come in from the sides of the face where you think the shadows and darker areas would be and feather in towards the middle of the face.
                   Step 3. -   I now like to add my colour to the cheeks by touching my E00 marker to my R20 marker.
     Step 4. - Then taking my lightest marker E00 again, I then blend all the colours. 

I have includes a few samples of  coloured faces showing the different skin tones I like to use. I hope this has helped you , so have fun and remember to experiment and if you find some fabulous colour combinations I would love to see them,

Take care, Debra xxxx
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  1. Hi Deb,
    Great tutorial...and your colouring is beautiful! Well Done!

  2. Great tutorial Deb and great colouring!! :)