Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Colouring Dark Skin

So many people ask me in my classes "How do I colour dark skin?" .... followed by "And what is a good colour combination for a darker skin tone?"

Well, the short answer is that I find I colour dark skin the same way that I colour light skin tones!

That is:
Step 1: I like to always start colouring with the lightest colour in my colour combination
Step 2: I then add my next darkest colour to my first
Step 3: I go back to my lightest shade to blend the colours ... and so on.

Where it becomes a little more tricky is what is a great colour combination to use for darker skin.

Here are a few samples that I have coloured using a variety of colour combos...all of which I think work pretty well!

*All colour combos are noted on the side of the CC Design Image.

Here is a really cute little boy that I found and thought that darker skin would suit him perfectly!
For his skin I used E25 + E27 + E29 ... which is my personal favourite combination!

I hope that helps to answer your dark skin tone questions.
You can also check out I Like Markers. Marianne has a really great post on different skin tones!

Happy Colouring .... Mandi xxx
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