Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Copic Junk Journal Page

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa brought you something Copic related!  Today I'm using my Copics to create and alter a Junk Journal page!  People often ask me how I deal with the bleed through from the front of the page I'm working on - onto the back of the page, when I create in my Copic Art Journal.  Well  this is one of the ways I make use of all the pages including the grubby back - just add a little collage!

To create your own Junk Journal page - you will need to gather some collage supplies - I collected some photos, the front of a Christmas card, wrapping paper, the recipe for the dessert I made and a photocopy of one of our favourite Christmas songs!

To begin, I cut the recipe and the song score to the same size as my journal pages, then I stuck a piece of the wrapping paper onto the left and right sides to create a border.  I picked one of the colours on the Christmas card and found a matching Copic Marker (V99), then using the method for Copic Stamping I stamped Snowflakes from Flourishes 'Handmade Snowflakes Set' over my background papers.

To make the background paper match the wrapping paper, I used my airbrush to add colour - I used E81 & E84 to colour the pages.

The next challenge was the photos which all had very different colours, particularly in the backgrounds.  So knowing that these were printed with Copic safe ink (these were done on a laser printer - though some ink jet printers also have Copic safe ink), I used T0, T1, T3, T5 and T7 to colour the backgrounds of each photo.  This not only made the images coordinate a little better, but it also added a little frame to the images and made the central figures stand out more.
You can see in the photo below the Copic on the left and the original background on the right, even on the first coat the grey is making the image look more interesting.

Once all the backgrounds are coloured, use fancy washi tape to stick the photos onto your pages (trim off any overhanging bits).

At this point I decided I wanted to add some journaling, but there was nowhere to write!  So I used my Molotow Marker (white 4mm) to add some journaling circles.  I applied the paint using a water marker so that some of the background peeked through.

Hmm - my pages still don't quite match - I need to find a way to bring a little of the colour from the trumpeting angel image onto the right side page.  Now I know this isn't the traditional colour for holly, but honestly it's the only Christmas image I know how to draw!  So I've used a Copic Multi Liner 0.3 to draw some holly leaves and berries onto some X-Press It Blending Card.

To colour the berries I've started by colouring the whole thing with V91.

I've added V93 - leaving the lightest spot uncoloured and a tiny strip on the bottom of the berry to look like reflected light.

Next I've added the darkest colour V99, being very careful to leave the reflected light strip uncoloured.  This darker colour is what gives the shape to the image.

I've blended the darker colour out a little with V95 - and have then added 2 more layers of each colour - being careful the whole time to leave the light spots alone, only at the very end have I gone and added another layer of V91 to blend the colours a little more.

I've added some white Molotow Paint Marker the to lightest part of the berry to add shine and have moved on to colouring the leaves.

For the leaves I've started with a base coat of  Y13.  Now these are going to be golden leaves, but it's not my usual gold colour combo as I wanted these to match the gold of the angel - which was more of an 'old' gold colour.

Then I've added Y28 - using light feathery strokes.

I've layered YR24 over the top to add contrast.

And finally Y15 on the edges to lightly blend between the Y13 and the YR24 - though I'm making sure to leave this highly textured and not actually blend the colours.    I've added 2 more layers of each colour, trying to leave the Y13 as 'bright' spots.  To finish I've added a little Gold AtYou Spica pen to the leaves.

The finished gold leaves match the angel and are very eyecatching.

Add a little journaling and doodling and the page is finished.

Products Used:
  • Copic Markers
    Background of Page: E81 & E84
    Background of Photos: T0, T1, T3, T5 & T7
    Gold Leaves - Y13, Y15, Y28 & YR24
    Berries - V91, V93, V95 & V99 and T1, T3, T5 & T7 for shadow
  • AtYou Spica Pens - Clear and Gold
  • Molotow Paint Markers - White (EF), White 4mm & Black (EF)

We would love to see what you have created over the Christmas holidays, so make sure to share on the Facebook page!

Back soon with more,
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  1. Awesome journal page Kate! Love the holly - really eye catching and matches the angel perfectly :-) You continue to inspire me - thank you :-) Elizabeth

  2. I love how you inked up the BG paper, looks great!

  3. Thanks Edna - I liked how it turned out too!