Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Let Yourself GLOW!

Hello Everyone!  Today I'm going to be talking about creating a 'glow' around your coloured image!  There are a couple of ways of doing this, by either 'flicking' colour out or dotting.

Flicking is one of my favourite technqiues, it's essential for when using the Feathering Technique and it's perfect for adding a glow as well.  :)
The best way to do this technique is to place your marker on the paper and flick it out, leaving a trailing edge (top example).  The action is all in the wrist!  Don't use the 'tick' action (middle example) - you don't need to go downwards first, only across.  Don't leave a hard edge (bottom example) - you won't get a lovely soft edging around your image unless you have the flicked edge.

I've used Flourishes Hello Baby stamp set for the first image.  I've coloured the outfit pink and then used BG0000 for the glow.
Start flicking around the edge of your image. 

I find that it works easiest with a very pale colour - you can always go around again to darken it up, which is what I've done here!

 If you want to make your 'glow' a little darker, use the next Copic maker in the range, in this case I've flicked a little BG000 (but don't flick as far out as the BG0000) and then flicked out again with lighter colour.

I really like using BG0000 or B0000 for glows around my images because it's like a sky colour, however, sometimes blues are not ideal for your image.  This time I've coloured the outfit blue and added a yellow glow with YR30.  You can darken the glow with a little touch of YR31!

If you want to add a little texture, try dotting on colour instead of flicking!  This is a fun and totally random effect!
This time I've used this fabulous hat image from Flourishes' Feminine Charm stamp set.  I've started by dotting on a light colour, in this case I've used E50, in larger dots using the tip of the Super Brush Nib.

Next I've dotted on some E51, still using the tip of the brush nib, but made the dots smaller and not as far out from the image.

Next I've dotted on some E53, still using the brush nib and also made the dots smaller and closer to the image.

To soften the dots, I've added more E50 in the gaps until I'm happy with the finished effect!  Obviously you don't have to use these colours, it depends on your image and what will work best!

Have fun trying some different effects for your images and make your artwork GLOW!!  :)

Happy Colouring!
Kathy  :)

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  1. Great job with this tutorial Kathy... Nothing beats a healthy glow!!

  2. Gorgeous card! Very chic indeed! "Glowing" is a simple technique but so useful for many images, especially white flowers. Another great tutorial!

  3. Kathy what a wonderful idea I love your glow technique!

  4. Thanks Kathy for a wonderful tutorial. Hugz, Lisa.

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