Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Feature Artist- Jay Walker

We were really excited when we got in touch with local artist- Jay Walker. His work is bold, punchy and has really caught our attention.

We asked Jay a few questions to get a feel for his work.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I’m inspired by Funky Shapes, Patterns, Textures, Sci-Fi,60's 70's,80's advertising and Graphic Design.

When did you first start using Copic?
I first started using Copic Markers in Year 11 in graphic design at high school, but I didn't really use them again until recent times.
I remember as a kid they way artists would use them to render concept Car drawings in the 80's and the finish would always have a Sci-fi ultra modern, futuristic feel.

Why do you like working with Copic?
I like using Copic because I can blend colours, create shading and fading- it's almost like a water colour mix.
I also like how the colours are true and have a real punch to them.
I like my colours to kick when they have to, and Copic gives me this on paper.

Do you have a favourite Copic Colour or a colour you can always rely on?
Violet, Ultra Marine, Cadmium Red, Vermilion- actually I like all the colours, they all have a purpose, it just depends on what artwork I am working on.

Have you got a dream Copic Project?
I get excited every time I get to use Copic Markers on a project because they're just so much fun to use.

Are there any other Copic users who inspire you?
I get inspired by the concept artists that use them, from fashion to product designers.

How long do you spend working on your projects? Do you stop and start or work in a solid block?
I'm kind of funny when I create my artwork, if I could click my fingers, I would have it completed in a flash.
I'm very impatient because I generally don’t have a planned structure. This makes it more  interesting for me, it makes me very keen to get the colour on the artwork to give it movement, texture and Punch. I actually enjoy adding colour to my artworks more than creating the outline, Go figure?

Stay tuned over the next few weeks, Jay has prepared some fantastic tutorials to share with you. In the mean time, get inspired by the other work on Jay’s Website.

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