Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let's Airbrush it with Fluorescent Colors

G'day Australia! IT is a beautiful day here in Abu Dhabi and it's the right time to airbrush those Fluorescent markers. My name is Jing van Opstal and I am currently residing in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates. I am teaching COPIC classes in the UAE and I am excited to be a guest at Copic Oz Blog and share my passion on Copic markers. Today, we'll get our fingers dirty ...

So now let's airbrush those Fluorescent colors. Have you tried only using the Fluorescent colors in some of your projects and airbrush it? There's only 8 fascinating colors. Anyway, I use the colors for blending with other regular colors whenever I don't get the one I really want. I will show you that by just using Fluorescent markers I will be able to create my "fantasy" background. I love to airbrush Fluorescent colors ...I get a subtle and subdued effect on my projects.

Today I will use a silhouette image and create an airbrushed background using only Fluorescent colors. Whenever I airbrush backgrounds, I always have a story in order for me to organize my markers ... and that is totally fun and interesting.

This is the sequence of my markers to use.

# 1 - I stamped the Hero Arts image Dancing with Flowers (CG266) using the Tsukineko Memento Ink (Black Tuxedo) onto the Blending X-Press It.

#2 - I airbrush the first layer with FY1 from the top.

#3- Then slowly increasing the depth of the colors, I use FYR1 concentrating more color on the side.

#4- I slowly airbrush FYG1all the way to the bottom ... espcially within the grass area. Remember, I want to create a MAGICAL background for the kids playing in the meadows.

#5 - One more go for FY1, then with a very soft press on the air grip, I use FYG2 (my favorite Fluorescent color) just halfway of the image.

#6 - One more go for FYG1, then I airbrush FBG2 mostly at the upper portion.

#7 - Starting from the bottom, I use FRV1 just to create a contrast.

#8 - Then I use again FYR1 at the top - I wanted to have more emphasis on that area.

I finish it up with gray colors W00 and N0 (check on the latest post on desaturating colors using gray colors) ... and now I have created an enchanting and fantasy background for the kids playing in the meadows.

Finale ...

Photo #1 Photo #2

Photo #1: I used Atyou Spica (Baby Blue) for the flowers ... and I am just loving the contrast. Then a spritz of Glimmer Mist (Copper) to give a delicious effect to the image.

Photo #2: I did not spritz the image with Glimmer mist ... it is just plain but still interesting to have only the fluorescent colors being used.

Now, it's your turn ... I am sure you will enjoy airbrushing your projects with only Fluorescent colors.

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  1. Amazing! Using just flourescent colors can truly create a magical background. Very creative!

  2. Beautiful work Jing - love the effect the fluorescent colours bring!!

  3. whew! what a creative hands!! its really nice!

  4. hi jing,its an amazing work! its interesting materials using airbrushing with flourescent combination... hope to see more work from you.

  5. WOW this is amazing, have never even looked at the flourescent colours! Have certainly changed my mind now! Thanks

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