Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stamping with your Multiliner BM

Today I'm going to show you a variation on our traditional stamping technique.

Usually when we stamp up an image to colour with our Copics, we usually ink up the whole stamp using Memento Tuxedo Black (or an alternative colour) and stamp directly onto our X-press It Blending Card.

Well here is a different technique to use while stamping that allows you to look WITHIN the stamped image and pick out 'points of interest' or individual items from within the whole image and stamp just that part.

To do this I use my Multiliner BM.

I colour the area of the stamp I'd like. Here I have coloured just the roses from Marci's hair and tutu using my Multiliner BM.

This allows me to very accurately colour just the area of interest. I also dont have to mask the image, and there is no mess involved!

Once I am happy with the specific area that I have coloured I can them stamp it directly onto my X-Press It Blending Card.

It stamps crisp and clear! The ink does not need to be heat set, and the lines of the multiliner ink will also act as a barrier for your copic ink.

This is a simple but great technique that I love to use.

So now you can pull out all of your old stamps and look WITHIN the image. Pick out new 'points of interest', and stamp away using your Multiliner BM!

You'll be amazed at the different way you look at your old stamps, and your old collection will become NEW again just by looking WITHIN! How brilliantly economical!

Happy Stamping....and colouring
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  1. Fab tutorial Mandi!!! Love using this technique for exactly the same reasons!! :)