Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Little Sneak Peak!!!

We have something very exciting planned for you all ....
but it's still a little bit secret!!!!


So for now all I can show you is a little sneak peak ...or clue!!!

What do you think we are up to????

Check back here this coming FRIDAY (Australian Time) for all the excitement!!!

Happy Colouring....Mandi

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  1. ohhhh so cant wait to hear the secret... but im liking the look of the picture been waiting for this to get here...


  2. This book looks amazing, and I'm sure it is! Oh how much this would help me!! Hmmmm what is the secret????

  3. The book looks terrific! Can't wait for the secret.

  4. This book looks terrific! I sure could use this expert help.

  5. america have let the secret out so can't wait till tomorrow

  6. I just spent 6 weeks in a drawing class drawing books, cups and apples so this book cover makes me giggle...must be the universal elements for learning! I need help with shading and shadows(and values) so PLEASE throw my name into the ring to win this book!

  7. This is a tool everyone has been waiting for especilally those of us who need a litttle help. I have only just started to get into stamping.