Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Adding Texture with Colorless Blender Solution

Good morning! I am Debbie Olson, a Copic Regional Certification for the U.S. Northern Midwest, and I am delighted to be a guest on the Copic Oz blog today. If you are like most Copic-loving paper crafters, you probably purchased a Colorless Blender in your first batch of markers. You might have even purchased a refill for your Colorless Blender at the same time.

While the blender pen is a fabulous tool, the blender solution, or Copic Various Ink 0 Colorless Blender, has some great applications as well, and that is what I would like to show you today. Almost any absorbent material with texture can be saturated with Colorless Blender Solution and applied to a smoothly colored area to create texture on your work.

Some of my favorites include sweaters, denim, bath towels, burlap, woven cloth, and even interestingly-textured paper towels. Obviously you would want to experiment with old scraps--not your best sweater! In the short video below, see how simple it is to create the texture on the mittens.

Stamps used in the video above are from the Sparky the Snowman set, courtesy of JustRite Stampers, and Nested Mittens die is from Spellbinders Paper Arts.

What textures can you think of that might work well with your Copic Colorless Blender Solution? Feel free to link any samples that you might create for your own blog or gallery in the comment section; we would love to see what you come up with!
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  1. Thanks Deb....what a brilliant tutorial! Hearing your voice on the video makes me miss you even more!!!!

  2. Fantastic tutorial Debbie!!! Thanks so much for joining and inspiring us this week!!! :)

  3. Thanks for letting me join you, Mandi and Kathy!

  4. This is brilliant, thank you for sharing this. I watched Kathy do some of this in early November at a Sydney certification course and loved it. This has helped me with even more ideas.

  5. Oh Wow! I have that Santa stamp mounted on a woodblock. It is from 1996! I have definitely been stamping for awhile! Love the video.
    Susan xxox