Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Have a Good Hair Day!


Hello. Thank you for checking in with Copic Oz today. My name is Lori Craig. I am a Copic Certification Instructor in the United States. I had the incredible pleasure of meeting many of you when I was in Australia earlier this year for certification classes in Sydney and Melbourne. A few of you may know me from, where I work full-time. I'm excited to be a guest author for the Copic Oz team this week.

Hair is one of the tricky things I'm often asked about in Copic classes, and this is what I call a good hair day! Lily from The Greeting Farm makes an excellent hair model, don't you think? Hair color, whether in your very own stylist chair or on cardstock can be intimidating, so I've put together a few different color combos that work well.


Red head...


Beach Blondie...


Classic blond...




And, finally, a gray beauty.

Many thanks to the Copic Oz team for asking me to stop by. I hope I've given you some new perspective today. I would encourage you to keep a sketch book and experiment with hair color options of your own. Make sure you make note of the color combinations that you use. Over time, you'll enjoy looking back at the sketches for reference and new inspiration.Pin It


  1. Lori, this is a Wonderful tutorial!!!! What fantastic inspiration for everyone to start their own Sample Book!! Thank you so much for joining us at CopicOz!!! {hugs}

  2. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial..... my hair might start to look a little better (LOL)...

  3. Thank you for all those combinations ... I'll have to get playing!

  4. Hi Lovely, thanks for the great tutorial! Its so nice to have you as part of the Copic Oz team!!! lots of love m xxx

  5. Thanks Lori, I struggle with hair and need more prac... so this will help big-us time-us!

  6. Hello Lori,

    Thank you so much to share this with us, amazing!