Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Using The Colourless Blender

People are often blown away when they realise that you don't need to use the Colourless Blender to blend! You can blend perfectly well without the Colourless Blender.

So what can we use the Colourless Blender for? Well, last week Kathy showed us how to use the colourless blending solution out of the bottle. Today I'm going to focus on using the Blender Marker (below) to demonstrate three great techniques!

Technique 1: Fix Mistakes
How often do you get to the end of your beautifully blended image only to realise that you have gone out the lines??? Well stress no more! You can use your colourless blender to "push" the colour back into the picture. Because the Colourless Blender removes ink it will remove the residue ink from beyond the line.

Technique 2: Lighten colours
By colouring over an area with the Colourless Blender you are essentially removing some of that ink, resulting in a lightened area. In the example below I have used my 0 to lighten areas of the hair. This technique works really well to achieve a worn or vintage look in your coloured image.

Technique 3: Add lines or dots
Because the colourless blender removes ink, when you apply the point of the brush nib to a coloured area and hold it there for a second or two, the ink will start to lift leaving dots in its place. In the example below I have used this technique to create dots in the girl's dress!

Here is the above image in a simple but sweet card!

These are just 3 (of many) techniques to try with your Colourless Blender! Have a go and see what brilliant effects you can create using your 0!!!

Happy Colouring .... Mandi xxx

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  1. wow thanks for the tips.this is awesome.

  2. Fabulous tutorial Mandi and what a great way to show each technique on a single image!